“Every fangirl’s dream ... and nightmare.”


Linda González has given up small-town life with her mom, to pursue a better education, living with her dad in Los Angeles. At least that’s what she lets her family believe. The truth is that she’s in love...with an 18-year-old pop star!

Alec Brock has been her cyber boyfriend for over a year now, and Linda has finally closed the gap in their long-distance relationship. But when she surprises Alec in LA, he has no idea who she is.

In this terrifying turn of events, Linda has nobody to rely on but the real Alec himself. Now she’s torn between chasing the truth about the guy she fell in love with, and trying to win the heart of the guy he was supposed to be.

Available March 10, 2020

(Literary Crush Publishing)

James McVey (The Vamps) 

Instagram Story - Nov 03, 2019

"I've never been more excited about a book."




"Thank you for writing the dream of every fan."




"I can't wait to read it. You literally wrote every fangirl's dream."






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